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Shatakmahotsavi Marathi Chitrasampada, a centenary filmography of Marathi Cinema listing all films made between 1913 and 2013, is the latest publication by the Foundation. Though Marathi cinema was born with the talkies in 1932 the filmography also has a special section on films made along the western coast of India (more specifically, in what would become Maharashtra) by Marathi speaking directors during the silent era. The filmography also has additional sections National Award-winning Marathi films, films which bagged the top awards at the Maharashtra State Awards and Marathi books on cinema. In that sense it is the most complete filmography of Marathi films available to date.The book is dedicated to the late historian and archivist D B Samant who had worked on documenting the filmography of Marathi cinema for the last three decades but, sadly, did not live to see his dream project achieve realisation.

Other Foundation publications include:

The books are available at the Foundation office at Rajkamal Studios, Parel, Mumbai 400 012. Orders can also be sent by e-mail to the publisher at kiran@rajkamalstudio.com.